Gamers rise up

Dank Meme about Gamers rise up

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43 Comments on “Gamers rise up

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  2. if this was at my school I would also become a school shooter lmao

  3. Might wanna take it easy on the shooter memes for a minute tbh

  4. This sub is weak AF and went straight to trash. You used to be able to post the most controversial memes that were funny. Now every one gets offended. Take my upvote OP.

  5. OH MAN A GOLD SCAR *Real gunshots flosses in teachers body*

  6. I appreciate this being made a meme!

  7. Man. Being a teacher is hard. I feel bad for these people that are least trying to relate to what kids are interested in. Wish I had had a teacher like that when I was younger. Instead they just touched me in the toilet and then told me not to tell my parents.

  8. All these niggas being all sensitive in the comments while I’m here thinking this was perfection

  9. All these niggas being all sensitive in the comments while I thought this was perfection

  10. Mostly in school shootings the parents should be locked up, because most of the times their child takes their parents gun…gun has to be kept in a safe and ammo in different place. It’s parents job to keep guns away from teens

  11. Schools appealing to children has always been just the worst kind of cringe… because you know people with at least an above average education had to go “what are those DAGGONE kids into these days?” while ignoring all of the horribly failed attempts in the past.

    It almost makes you wonder if they do it to intentionally demoralize… like some kind of sick joke only they will appreciate.


  12. New Zealander here, I can appreciate a dank meme in the darkest of times. This actually made me laugh, thank you.

  13. Is that supposed to be Lynx? I’m seriously asking us that supposed to be

  14. Dont think you should use that video in any meme. If you watch it, it’s a story about how abuse drove a person to the point where he was going to murder defenseless people if something pushed him too far.

    Then a loving and caring friend dissuaded him just by being there for him and being his friend. Showing kindness to all people, regardless of situation can stop violent acts like the one that occured in NZ yesterday.

    That’s an important lesson that we should all consider, especially now. Just show one more kindness to someone, anyone really, today and every day after. A simple smile can make someone’s day.

  15. They should just make it say ”you are the apex champion”

  16. This is not funny considering that there was a mass shooting today

  17. Hold up, so they’re supposed to brutaly slaughter each other with whatever they find in the school before the end of the year? School must be American..

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