32 thoughts on “It’s not fair guys I’m in class

  1. Nana: I’m gonna say the n-word.

    Skipper: That’s racist, you can’t say the n-word!

    breaking glass and car skidding as nana promptly collides with the car

    Skipper: Mrs. Obama, I’ve done it. I’ve stopped racism.

    Michelle Obama: Thank you Skipper, now I am free to roam this earth.

    Donald Trump: Not if I have anything to say about it, and I do! I’m gonna say the n-word!

    Skipper: Mrs. Obama, get down!

    Donald Trump: Nigga.

    the white house abruptly exploding

    Skipper: Mrs. Obama, where are you? Are you okay?

    Donald Trump: She is no longer with us, Skipper. And with her death, I am finally free to say the n-word whenever I want.

    Martin Luther King Jr.: Not if I have anything to say about it, Trump, and I do. Prepare for my civil rights beam.

    Martin Luther King Jr. uses his civil rights beam and music starts playing as Donald Trump is screaming in agony

    Donald Trump: Skipper, my son, you wouldn’t let me die, would you?

    Skipper: Shut up, cracker.

    Donald Trump screaming and dissolving into dust

    Skipper: Hey Kowalski, who’s that guy in front of us rising out of the water?

    Barack Obama: It is I, Barack Obama.

    Kowalski: Mr. Obama? What are you doing here?

    Barack Obama: I have come to exempt my revenge on you penguins for allowing my wife to die at the hands of Donald Trump.

    Kowalski: But Mr. Obama, we did everything we could.

    Barack Obama: I’ve already made up my mind.

    Skipper: Mr. Obama, don’t do it. This won’t bring Michelle back.

    Barack Obama: Nigga.

    the penguins’ airship explodes and the penguins scream for the help of god

    Skipper: Skipper’s log, number 32: Barack Obama has struck us out of the sky by saying the n-word.

    Kowalski: It just doesn’t make sense skipper, Obama would never say the n-word.

    Skipper: I don’t understand it either Kowalski, but some things you just gotta live with. Unless, Donald Trump, I should’ve known it was you.

    Donald Trump inside of Barack Obama: Skipper, my son, I see you’ve discovered my master plan. Now that I have taken over Obama’s body, I have free reign to say the n-word whenever and however I please.

    Skipper: So what you’re saying is that you’re inside of another man?

    Donald Trump inside of Barack Obama: Why yes, I suppose you could say that.

    Skipper: But Mr. Trump, wouldn’t that make you gay?

    Donald Trump inside of Barack Obama: No, this can’t be!

    Donald Trump’s screams of anguish becoming more and more distant

    Skipper: Well boys, we did it. Racism is no more.

    Barack Obama: Hello Skipper.

    Skipper: Mr. Obama, what are you doing here?

    Barack Obama: I came to thank you for your great service to this country.

    Skipper: No thanks neccesary Mr. Obama.

    Barack Obama: As a token of my gratitude, I’d like to give you the n-word pass.

    Skipper: Mr. Obama, it is an honor to call you my nigga.

    Barack Obama: And as to you, old friend.

  2. But what if your teacher sees and wants to keep you after class.

    Isn’t that how this works?

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