It’s not fair guys I’m in class

Dank Meme about It’s not fair guys I’m in class

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33 Comments on “It’s not fair guys I’m in class

  1. Nana: I’m gonna say the n-word.

    Skipper: That’s racist, you can’t say the n-word!

    breaking glass and car skidding as nana promptly collides with the car

    Skipper: Mrs. Obama, I’ve done it. I’ve stopped racism.

    Michelle Obama: Thank you Skipper, now I am free to roam this earth.

    Donald Trump: Not if I have anything to say about it, and I do! I’m gonna say the n-word!

    Skipper: Mrs. Obama, get down!

    Donald Trump: Nigga.

    the white house abruptly exploding

    Skipper: Mrs. Obama, where are you? Are you okay?

    Donald Trump: She is no longer with us, Skipper. And with her death, I am finally free to say the n-word whenever I want.

    Martin Luther King Jr.: Not if I have anything to say about it, Trump, and I do. Prepare for my civil rights beam.

    Martin Luther King Jr. uses his civil rights beam and music starts playing as Donald Trump is screaming in agony

    Donald Trump: Skipper, my son, you wouldn’t let me die, would you?

    Skipper: Shut up, cracker.

    Donald Trump screaming and dissolving into dust

    Skipper: Hey Kowalski, who’s that guy in front of us rising out of the water?

    Barack Obama: It is I, Barack Obama.

    Kowalski: Mr. Obama? What are you doing here?

    Barack Obama: I have come to exempt my revenge on you penguins for allowing my wife to die at the hands of Donald Trump.

    Kowalski: But Mr. Obama, we did everything we could.

    Barack Obama: I’ve already made up my mind.

    Skipper: Mr. Obama, don’t do it. This won’t bring Michelle back.

    Barack Obama: Nigga.

    the penguins’ airship explodes and the penguins scream for the help of god

    Skipper: Skipper’s log, number 32: Barack Obama has struck us out of the sky by saying the n-word.

    Kowalski: It just doesn’t make sense skipper, Obama would never say the n-word.

    Skipper: I don’t understand it either Kowalski, but some things you just gotta live with. Unless, Donald Trump, I should’ve known it was you.

    Donald Trump inside of Barack Obama: Skipper, my son, I see you’ve discovered my master plan. Now that I have taken over Obama’s body, I have free reign to say the n-word whenever and however I please.

    Skipper: So what you’re saying is that you’re inside of another man?

    Donald Trump inside of Barack Obama: Why yes, I suppose you could say that.

    Skipper: But Mr. Trump, wouldn’t that make you gay?

    Donald Trump inside of Barack Obama: No, this can’t be!

    Donald Trump’s screams of anguish becoming more and more distant

    Skipper: Well boys, we did it. Racism is no more.

    Barack Obama: Hello Skipper.

    Skipper: Mr. Obama, what are you doing here?

    Barack Obama: I came to thank you for your great service to this country.

    Skipper: No thanks neccesary Mr. Obama.

    Barack Obama: As a token of my gratitude, I’d like to give you the n-word pass.

    Skipper: Mr. Obama, it is an honor to call you my nigga.

    Barack Obama: And as to you, old friend.

  2. Sorry kiddo, posting while I’m at work is the peak time for me.

  3. Why the fuck are you using your phone is school, fucking zoomers

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  5. Hey guys, i have this idea: Lets all upload porn memes because RedSoxGaming is at school!

  6. But what if your teacher sees and wants to keep you after class.

    Isn’t that how this works?

  7. Stop posting the word porn while I’m in class

  8. My district blocked reddit so I have to actually socialize with my “friends.”

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