As all things sould be

Dank Meme about As all things sould be

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28 Comments on “As all things sould be

  1. “What did it cost?”

    “Only $19.99!”

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  3. And repaired with the power of flex seal!

  4. Phil Swift here to introduce you to the newest addition to the Flex-Seal family of products! Flex-Snap, the fix and forget solution for “universal” application!

  5. Only the strong adhesive power of flex tape can bind up the damages Thanos inflicted on humanity.

  6. purple phil swift is way more sathisfying than it should be

  7. When you see a boat that has been sawed in half yet- ITS FREE REAL ESTATE

  8. Is his goal to get all the infinity stones really so he can replace half the water in the universe to flex seal liquid?

  9. Next should be that he cut flex tape with a saw and then fix it with flex seal to use ut again

  10. Gonna drop this here

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