It realy do be like that

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29 Comments on “It realy do be like that

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  2. You forgot…
    Rapper: Brags about breaking the law in all his songs.

  3. “Free my nigga lil asswipe bruh he didn’t do it 😔🙏🗣”

  4. Constantly raps about their self destructive drug abuse.


    Rap community: :0

  5. Free my nigga lil chicken mane ain’t nobody shuld b locked down by the feds for murder! “Lil chicken dies”
    Mane I know my lil homie up in heaven right now looking down, we gained anotha angel today blood.

  6. other rappers : ayo free mah wigga tay-k dawg, he didnt do it.

  7. Smh tho the law against my mans he just be doing his thing you feel?? like society is the problem, free my mans he may have committed aggravated assault and murder but that ain’t mean he guilty

  8. …You want me to be honest? I WISH this happened to Soulja Boy.

  9. I didn’t even mean to shoot him… He just caught me by surprise.

  10. FACT:
    The face is the Pikachu face but with a real person

  11. [Shoulda used Soulja’s photo.](

  12. Rip tekashi 69, at least he’ll see what actual bars look like

  13. Anyone who likes rap: bruh free ynw melly (or other rappers in jail), he didn’t do nothing wrong!
    *rapper convicted of rape, arson, and like8 counts of murder

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