18 thoughts on “Royalty approved

  1. You guys realize this is a bad thing, right? If he just up and thinks he can ban a game for that reason, what’s keeping him from banning the good ones?

  2. I guess I’m one of the “lucky ones” I’m not addicted or killing people so yea.. Also the fucking parents would rather complain and bitch, about it then set rules for the kids like only on weekends or only 2-3 hours a day…

  3. Oh let’s circlejerk over Fortnite being bad even though none of you have actually tried it!

  4. On a serious note Fortnite is a good game but the community put it in the wrong way. Yes kids are getting addicted (even adults) but that is on the parent or the adult. They should learn how to control their selves in a safe manner. Prince Harry isn’t wrong but isn’t right either.

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