33 thoughts on “If you do this, you deserve death

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  2. You should add a 4th slide where its a macaque skeleton with “gamers who play multiplayer games and vote skip the cutscenes and then dont know what to do”

  3. “Gamers that skip the tutorial then complain about the game being too hard 4 levels in”

  4. That’s something you can ignore atleast. Consider people who skip the tutorial and then annoy you with “Hey, how do I do that?”, complain about how unintuitive the controls are, or both.

  5. I’ve been playing BL2 with a friend again recently and he’s absolutely one of those ‘shut up and let me shoot shit’ gamers. Lol I love the guy to death, but FUCKING LISTEN TO THE DIALOG SO YOU KNOW WHY I’M ASKING YOU TO BUY JUNK SHIELDS AND THROW THEM IN THE GRINDER

  6. I was rushing through the Bard’s college quest in Skyrim where you have to help the guy fill in a book. I skipped through him talking though, so I ended up giving him bullshit answers without knowing context. 10/10 would do again

  7. I had a cousin i used to sometimes play with and he always skipped the dialog and was always asking “what the hell is going on? Why are we fighting this guy now?” And it was always sooooo annoying.

  8. 👏The👏story👏should👏be👏told👏through👏mostly👏visual👏storytelling👏it👏shouldnt👏be👏too👏complex👏

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