24 thoughts on “Choose a side

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  2. why not both? im sad its burning but i could help but bust out laughing with the “bonfire lit” meme 🤣

  3. It’s just people who wanna be “edgy” not understanding what a real tragedy for humanity is in this sub.
    *But to be fair…*

  4. I’m the line in the middle who doesn’t really find it funny but doesn’t give a shit about it at the same time

  5. As long as no one dies, people can rebuild, and it’s fine. There’s enough photos of notre dame to rebuild it exactly the way it was before the fire. It’s sad and it’ll take some time, but the damage honestly is not permanent. Also the people saying you shouldn’t laugh at the fire upvoted a 9/11 meme like last week so 🤷‍♂️

  6. I never noticed this would become a meme. Since the incident recently happened, and there isn’t any specific info about this incident, I knew that these kind of people will just sarcastically make memes out of it.

  7. Yall better stop whining, no one says this about 9/11 memes or memes with the n-word. It’s so hypocritical of you.

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