37 thoughts on “It’s hot, real hot

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  2. Tons of rich history of a country kept safe over hundreds of years: *exist*

    a spark, fuel, and oxygen: *im bout to end this mans whole career*

  3. while there has been incredible amounts lost (the large stained glass window, the spiral, and around 2/3 roof- which was wood, and unfortunately a firefighter is reported to be seriously injured) the small amount of good news is that the main structure is still there since it is made of stone (as well as the two frontal towers) and several artifacts have been safely recovered and accounted for including the Crown of Thorns, the Tunic of Saint Louis, 16 copper statues representing the Twelve Apostles- which had been removed for renovations.

    there is still hope for this beautiful piece of history, and thank you to the hundreds of firefighters and other personnel that have worked to control the fire.

    edit- it has survived damages from the french revolution (in fact during this time it was used as a storehouse for food), as well as two world wars. it has been, and will be renovated and repaired as the french president said- “I tell you solemnly tonight: We will rebuild this cathedral.” notre-dame will rise from its ashes

  4. c’est une terrible tragédie. nous ne pouvons pas laisser cela se reproduire. si cela commence par quelqu’un, ils paieront … croyez-moi, ils paieront …

    Good luck using Google Translate so Duolingo doesn’t find out

  5. Dont worry brothers, we still have Jerusalem.
    Tis just a scratch. But damn, a 700 years old wonder got burn down. I literally just woke up to see this.

  6. This kind of thing has been happening a lot lately, took a massive historical monument to be torched for people to pay attention. Sad.

  7. This is what you get for torching The Great Library of Alexandria (edit: I know that the time periods don’t match up but it’s a good meme)

  8. This whole thing is a poetic duality. A man made structure that lasted almost 1000 years is destroyed in merely a few hours by a fire. The cathedral was lit by candles safely for hundreds of hears but ultimately the fire was caused by electricity, something that is deemed safer than candles. The construction company who was task to restore the building destroyed it by exposing faulty wires. Makes ya think

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