45 thoughts on “Yall are intellectuals

  1. ✋Excuse me sir ✋👏but 👏👉is that original post you made 👉right there 👉loss ❓☝Now hold on ☝😡it might sound ridiculous 😡😤but bare with me here. 😤👀You see 👀 there’s 4️⃣ panels ☝let’s count them ☝ 1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ 4️⃣ panels ❗️❗️✋And you know what else has 4️⃣ panels ❓😤That’s right 😤😡loss does ❗️😡 👇But i’m not done yet 👇 👀you see 👀👉in the first panel 👉☝there is ☝ 1️⃣ object 👈 positioned slightly to the left. 👈 😡Should I even continue ❓😡😤I guess I will 😤😒as you still don’t understand. 😒 😲I should clarify this is a level 5 loss meme 😲🙄so I don’t expect you to understand it. 🙄 💁‍ Anyways 💁‍ ✌️ in the second panel ✌️👀there are 2️⃣ objects 👀👉next to each other 👉 👇with one being slightly below the other. 👇☝ In the 3️⃣rd panel ☝ ✌️another 2️⃣ objects are present ✌️ 🙌right next to each other. 🙌 👆 Finally, 👆 there are, yet again, 2️⃣ objects 👆 🤙 which form an L shape. 🤙 👀Everything looks like it’s adding up 👀😤therefore😤😡it HAS to be loss ❗️❗️😒You need to make it less obvious next time 😒🙄if you want it to be more funny. 🙄

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