32 thoughts on “Check your drinks for rohypnol kids

  1. As a redditor I for one am such a Virgin that if I was “raped” by cardi b I wouldn’t have a problem. She can’t take my money because I’m already broke and I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately so her putting me to sleep could make me catch up on some hours.

  2. The guy who accused her of rape admitted to making the whole thing up. [source](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hotnewhiphop.com/man-who-accused-cardi-b-of-sexual-assault-admits-he-was-lying-news.75883.html%3f_amp)

  3. Nobody is forgetting anything, Reddit apparently thinks of her 24/7.


    I literally do not know who she is, except that she apparently makes bad music and Reddit won’t shut up about her any day of the week.

  4. Bet all these people saying there’s no evidence or anything were singing a different tune about the UVA story, Duke Lacrosse, Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh, the list goes on…..

  5. stop calling people a rapist if there’s no evidence. You’re being a bigger piece of shit spreading misinformation just because you don’t like her. I don’t condone any of the shit she did for for fucks sake she’s not a fucking rapist

  6. Let’s ALSO not forget that Lil Wayne admitted to facilitating the EXACT SAME THING in his Carter V song “[Mona Lisa](https://genius.com/Lil-wayne-mona-lisa-lyrics)”:

    > And then I call Liz and she say he comin’ over

    >I say, “Good girl, just remember what I told ya”

    >She gave me the salute, I say, “Girl, you’re a soldier”

    >We’re waitin’ outside, watch him pull up

    >Walk up to the door and right before he knock

    >She open the door naked, she left it unlocked

    >They started French kissin’ so he didn’t see moi

    >And then she let him in, they stopped on the couch

    >Music up loud with his head in the clouds

    >Turn that shit down and I scared the piss out of him

    >Piss a nigga off, put a gun to his frown

    Everyone is attacking Cardinal because it’s the cool thing to do, but let’s not forget a LOT of other people have admitted and sang about this stuff. We let them go but go after her because she’s a girl and it’s cool. Let’s look at EVERYONE.

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