25 thoughts on “for every orange arrow i will pledge to plant a small tree

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  2. u/dalodeju I will ask you a year from now if you planted 634 trees. You will either be a good person or be a piece of shit. Good luck

  3. That’s a good start, but we need other countries to do their part and for India to do this for like a month straight to help out the world more.

  4. Plant them tree series

    Edit I thought i came up with a original joke but some buddy already said tree series 😕

  5. This happened back In July 2017 and I was one of the volunteer and visit the place time to time and watch the trees slowly growing and take a bucket of water with me whenever I go to water them

  6. Yeh and they all will be torn down in 12 h too you people underestimate the third world countries

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