Literally civilisation smaller then them

Historical Meme about Literally civilisation smaller then them

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20 Comments on “Literally civilisation smaller then them

  1. Wrong Germany flag and wrong Soviet Union flag.

  2. Was actually thinking about Netherlands, I never heard about any genocides or natives’ killing, even if they were a colonial nation. If anyone got informations about that I’m interested.

  3. Basically every country should be on this list except for maybe Switzerland and canada and a couple others

  4. You forgot the USA. Remember, they passed a law stating that they wouldnt go over the mountains in the east. They then kicked out the natives. They then said they wouldnt cross the mississipi river. And they did it again. They then fought both mexico and canada for the pacific coast area. Later on, literally any war.

  5. Mongol Empire doesn’t belong here as it wasn’t their intention to eradicate people because of their ethnicity. Anyone who submitted to Mongol rule was spared. Anyone who revolted were killed, but this wasn’t killing an entire culture, just the area that revolted.

  6. Nobody discussing about the inclusion of Spain, probably the most merging and respectful with the natives (you can see people today being clearly a mix between Spanish and natives because of this, unlike US and Canada) Ah…the Black Legend

  7. Excuse the ignorance but why is the UK flag there? What genocide did they commit?

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