50 thoughts on “Starting from the 1922 constitution

  1. *so he could survive its inevitable collapse without being killed and instead could enjoy US protection*

  2. I thought this war r/bulbasaurmasterrace which is why I had a double take when the Soviet Union was mentioned.

  3. Honestly, Bulbasaur probably is the best Kanto starter.

    In terms of progression in-game, Bulbsaur has a type advantage against 5 of the gym leaders and disadvantaged against 2.

    In terms of Elite 4, it has better/about the same matchups than the Charizard line but worse than Blastoise line.

    More importantly, it gets access to 2 recovery moves fairly early – Leech Seed and Synthesis. Recovery moves are very strong against AI opponents.

    In competitive without accounting for megas, Venusaur is the most useful of the 3, finding a place in sun teams with its Chlorophyl and as a niche bulky attacker or wall. If we account for megas, Zard X/Y has Venusaur beat in usefulness for both singles and doubles. However, Mega Venusaur is no slouch, sporting an excellent ability, great bulk and decent offense.

    Oops didn’t realize this isn’t r/pokemon

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