*laughs in car explosion*

Historical Meme about *laughs in car explosion*

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  1. Fun fact about Saint Patrick’s Day parade the first one was held in New York because large public gatherings of Catholics were illegal in Ireland under British rule.

  2. If St. Patrick did Ireland of snakes why are the English still here

  3. I have an Irish Friend named Patrick and he loves the IRA

  4. When your 20 years into Good Friday and chill and he gives you this look

  5. Nice one. The lack of trigger discipline triggers me however.

  6. Am I really going to be the first person to point out that St. Patrick was in fact English

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, let us all rise for our national anthem…


  8. Ah yes, another great meme glorifying terrorism.

  9. You have three seconds left on the clock. What took you so long to answer

  10. Can you imagine if a Muslim posted something like this on the same day ISIS admitted to sending letter bombs less than a week ago? What is with Americans overcompensating and trying to be as Irish as possible (in their weird sense) not realising that 99% of actual Irish people do not want to go back to the Troubles.

  11. This is one of the funniest things I have seen in awhile, thank you.

  12. I don’t even know history but I still find these funny.

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