Just found the best site on Facebook.

Historical Meme about Just found the best site on Facebook.

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31 Comments on “Just found the best site on Facebook.

  1. After years of posting its gone, one day the fateful Facebook status appears. the one prophesied by ancient legend for thousands of years. Its Back.

  2. [https://www.facebook.com/DailyRomanEmpireUpdates/](https://www.facebook.com/DailyRomanEmpireUpdates/) for my fellow consuls of culture who are too ~~lazy~~ busy sieging Carthage to type this into the search bar

  3. I know this guy that can fix this. his name is Mussolini.

  4. >Be me

    >Miss the RE

    >The Unholy German Confederacy sucked and the third Reich was pretty cringe

    >Decide to fix it and make Rome 2

    >Get to work

    >Decide the best route is to make it on a new planet, less conquering to do that way

    >Start company to go to space and build Rome 2 on Mars

    >Send car to test it out

    >MFW im Elon Musk

  5. Are we 100% sure about this? I mean, guys, come on, it is the internet after all

  6. Can’t wait to see what the next update will say

  7. Reminds me of the Twitter account XXXTENTACION health updates




  9. These statuses are from several weeks ago. Our information is woefully out of date. Does anybody have a more current update?

  10. Thanks for triggering my chronic depression

  11. *Russia wants to know your location*

  12. Mussoulini: “Its Back!!! I swaer to you its back!!! Please im not lying it really back…”
    Everyone else: *sighes in dissappointment*

  13. Great, now I’m sad and I just wanted to go to sleep.

  14. During WW2, they are like wait, what’s this? Oh, nevermind.

  15. I have walked at Caesar’s command, across the East, into the West. Far enough to know Caesar’s word did not drive me. Far enough to see the end.

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