AMERICA.exe Has started

Historical Meme about AMERICA.exe Has started

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15 Comments on “AMERICA.exe Has started

  1. I give this picture the Nicholas Maduro scholarship for 2019

  2. Democratically elected government: Exists

    The CIA: Nice place nigga

  3. Wait, the American invasion of Venezuela isn’t due for at least another six months 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Help, he’s got a ~~boner~~ humanitarian aid truck!

  5. It’s funny that you have even cross posted this before but now you decide to just full on repost it

  6. South America: exist

    USA: time to install some authoritarian freedom regimes!

  7. The UK wants to join:
    [Still M.A.Y](

  8. Are americans proud of this or am i missing the irony

  9. Please someone tell me who the big forhead guy is, theres a guy in my class that looks like him.

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