I wish you good harvests Carl

Historical Meme about I wish you good harvests Carl

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48 Comments on “I wish you good harvests Carl


  2. I can foresee Carlposting being cracked down on soon even though I love it.

    Good Luck Carl.

  3. Unfortunately Land Grants were not rewarded during the early part of the Republic. Better luck next time Carl!

  4. Good luck with the Soviet’s Carl grow many potatoes !!

  5. Wait i thought Carl was in marching to Russia as a Carolean now?

  6. May the gods of harvest smile down upon thee Carl

  7. For all hedgehogs share a love of things that grow

  8. May your harvests be bountiful, Carl

  9. Carl the ever lasting. May your villa never be sacked.

  10. Carl was incredibly fortunate to survive Cannae. Best of luck Carl

  11. Can i post this on spqrposting? Ill give credits

  12. Oh no Carl! Cato the Younger has moved the Senate to delay your land grant!

  13. Hope it’s not in Ireland or else the brits will mke his potatoea sick

  14. I hope no one will murder Carl and his family forcing him to become a gladiator.

  15. Hey this is kinda stupid, but the V in “Deus Vult” is prnounced like w because in latin that’s how that works

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