20 thoughts on “I hate writing titles

  1. There is an old joke that if you walked into a NASA meeting back in the early 60s and yelled “Heil Hitler” the whole room would get up and salute by force of habit.

  2. The Allies actually did associate with Nazis though. Many Nazis went right back to their jobs after the war was over. Or we funded them and gave them weapons to form a “stay behind army” to fight the Soviets. Before and after the war we were friends with nazis

  3. I don’t get these German scientists memes. Like, they weren’t used for anything someone would disapprove of, unless you’re the USSR.

  4. It’s not like he was a diehard nazi, he was drafted and just wanted to help with space travel, not weapons

  5. I’m convinced you are a guy from my high school because we just watched the movie “rocket boys” and this is too big for just a coincidence

  6. Everyone always up Wernher’s ass while poor [Jack Parsons](https://youtu.be/XcOHiGonWwU) is ignored.

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