34 thoughts on “Technically this could be considered history

  1. Once mighty apex predators, now fluffy little birds, delicious when roasted with potatoes and some spices

  2. History is the study of the past as it is described in written documents. Events occurring before written record are considered prehistory.

  3. I own chickens and let me tell ya, they are tougher than the dinosaurs. Me and my sister have been jumped by our roosters multiple times.

  4. The whole “the chicken is the living animal that is closest related to the T-Rex” is a myth that annoys me more than it should.

    Every bird is equally related to the T-Rex, because they all originate from the same animal that split from the T-Rex’s ancestors before it came to exist.

    It’s like saying your sister is more closely related to your aunt than you are

    Avian Theropods (birds) were closely related to the T-Rex as a whole, however. Both are part of the Coelurosauria clade (Feathered theropods) but the Tyrannosauridae (T-Rex and cousins) and Maniraptora (small raptors) split apart and birds evolved within the maniraptora (so a ‘better’ version of this meme is a raptor sacrificing themselves to becoming a bird, as all birds really are raptors)

  5. herstory. get it right. Anyway, it’s not ‘everything’, because flight is quite cool. Even chicklens can fly a bit. Maybe not kiwi or ostrich, but there you are.

  6. I mean it’s wrong. Avians diverged from the rest of the dinosaur before proper Tyrannosaurs were even a thing.

  7. Since our depictions of dinosaurs is us basically draping skin, tightly fitting to their bodies. It makes me wonder if one of those dinosaurs looked like a giant chicken/rooster. With the nutsack chin and toupee of feathers.

  8. No. History is the study of human civilization from the written documentation. This is not history at all.

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