The Truth About Carl Memes 2.0!!

Historical Meme about The Truth About Carl Memes 2.0!!

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30 Comments on “The Truth About Carl Memes 2.0!!

  1. I just kinda like seeing Carl show up and rooting for him on his little adventures.

  2. Little known events like Hiroshima and the Emu War?

  3. Carl memes teach us about history the same way Magic Treehouse books teach children about history.

  4. If a person doesn’t like Carl memes, then why don’t they just avoid or hide them? It’s not that hard.

  5. We try to bring these unknown events forward on r/SPQRposting with our buddy Carl 🙂

  6. sorry to ask, but how it starded Carl memes and what are them about?

  7. I thought it’s about using pop history to trigger libtards and bash communism. I think i did something wrong

  8. We have a ton of reposts, so I welcome anything new.

  9. The whole formula of the Carl memes seems to be ‘hedgehog+famous battle/event=profit(?)’ and not so much highlighting lesser known history. They’re pretty much just farming familiarity.

  10. If I was a faction in the Spanish civil war I would be Carlist 👑🦔

  11. And that’s why i love this sub. Long life to Carl

  12. I mean… the Carl memes don’t really teach anything more than the other memes because they only cover like the same 5 basic events. But Carl memes are still fantastic and always will be

  13. Not as much not liking them as alt right dorks using them to romanticize empires/authoritarian states

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