30 thoughts on “The Truth About Carl Memes 2.0!!

  1. Carl memes teach us about history the same way Magic Treehouse books teach children about history.

  2. If a person doesn’t like Carl memes, then why don’t they just avoid or hide them? It’s not that hard.

  3. I thought it’s about using pop history to trigger libtards and bash communism. I think i did something wrong

  4. The whole formula of the Carl memes seems to be ‘hedgehog+famous battle/event=profit(?)’ and not so much highlighting lesser known history. They’re pretty much just farming familiarity.

  5. I mean… the Carl memes don’t really teach anything more than the other memes because they only cover like the same 5 basic events. But Carl memes are still fantastic and always will be

  6. Not as much not liking them as alt right dorks using them to romanticize empires/authoritarian states

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