39 thoughts on “True evolution of fine art culture

  1. Someone once explained modern art to me as the following math equation:

    (You could’ve made that) + (but you didn’t) = Modern Art

  2. Depends on the art, a lot of art sale is just money laundering, but some of those pieces are actually good

  3. 100% Guaranteed all of the “modern art sucks!”-commenters are basing their opinion off 3-5 pieces *maybe* that they saw on a TV show once.

  4. It’s not like I think the artists are hacks, I just generally think modern looks bad. I think the best way to put it for me is, modern art is “neat” but not captivating.

  5. I’m a fan of Salvador Dalí, but don’t like Picasso. Other artist that I don’t like is Andy Warhol. I’ve been always fascinated by Dalí’s live and his love for Gala.

  6. >modern art sucks, art should be realistic, none of this weird abstract bullshit

    >upvotes deep fried picture of Lord Farquaad’s head Photoshopped on Youtuber’s body with the letter E

  7. I would have expected this from the r/dankmemes edgelords but not here. During the Renassaince, art was a way of paying tribute to nature and God and the business part of it was secondary. It also did help that there was lots of royal patronage. TBH, they wouldn’t be able to even comprehend the fact that an artist needs to keep selling her artwork in order to survive, a trend that had already crept into the art world by the 19th century.

  8. [Renaissance painter seeing people every single person own a camera.](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/027/995/S-4iPcrpgBU.jpg)

  9. Modern art is a money laundering scheme for rich people to tie their wealth to essentially worthless items.

  10. I’ve been to a modern art museum before. Some of it was super high quality, some were strange but still high quality.

    Then there was the bizarre ones like the one mentioned. To be fair, sometimes it’s cool like when it plays a trick on your eyes. There was this strobe light room that really messed with you, forgot exactly what it did but it did something.

    After that, it was really confusing, doodles with no inherent purpose or talent besides just paint splatters.

    I would love to step into the mind of those artists and see what they see, because I aint seeing it.

  11. Minimalist art is fine for home decor but I feel insulted when I go to a gallery and on display is a pair of old shoes and a pile of lion shit. Galleries are supposed to show the best that’s on offer, something someone with real talent has put blood sweat and tears into.

    People can say all they like about ‘back story’, but every object has some sort of history. It doesn’t make it art.

  12. Aesthetic experience isn’t art. Photography liberated painting from the constraints of realism, which is what gave us Monet, for instance. Merleau-Ponty famously argued in *Phenomenology of Perception* that painting is more realistic than photography, because it can express the subjective quality of experience. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know, only that a blank canvas (e.g. Rauschenberg) is *meant* to be a reflection of the viewer’s own experience. So if they don’t see anything and think it’s pointless, wellllll…

  13. Because art is not about the craftsmanship anymore since the invention of photography, which allows you to create nearly perfect depictions. But it seems like all those modern art “critics” have not quite understood that

  14. If the canvas has some squares and a couple of lines on it, then in what sense is the canvas blank?

  15. And that, boys and girls, is how you create a market of art which you can speculate on.

    Hard to do the same when paintings and mosaïcs need 2-10 years to be done.

  16. In all fairness you usually had to demonstrate that you had the skills to paint like Michael Angelo beforehand

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