Who said that melee weapons are obsolete?

Historical Meme about Who said that melee weapons are obsolete?

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25 Comments on “Who said that melee weapons are obsolete?

  1. I’ve always felt an odd sympathy for the poor bloke who got shot with an arrow in WWII. He must have been so freaking confused about what just happened.

  2. I’m kinda disappointed in the lack of Mad Jack memes in this sub TBH.

  3. Not a Historian here but can someone give me the context?


  4. I know he used the bow, but did he ever actually kill someone with the sword?

  5. Imagine you are just sitting there one day, hoping that no one attacks you. Then your friend slumps over WITH A ARROW IN HIS CHEST!

  6. There’s also an (I think) Canadian Squad that did a bayonet charge against ISIS terrorists after being pinned down. ISIS got confused and ran

  7. I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.

  8. If I remember correctly, he also ran at German tanks wielding bagpipes.


    When he inevitably got captured and sent to a concentration camp, he walked out. No one stopped him.

  9. What if mad jack was a modern day assassin‘s creed member

  10. Dude I learned about the hundred years’ war today in history

  11. He also escaped from a concentration camp. Twice.

  12. [Jack Churchill would like a word](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TsEGt841pw)

  13. In the book Unknown Soldier there is a character named Honkajoki who uses a bow.

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