It do be like that sometimes

Historical Meme about It do be like that sometimes

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  1. Every other country: Huh, what flu? Go on with your day, people. Nothing to see here.

    Spain: Hey guys, there’s this flu going around and-

    Every other country: OMG, thanks alot for the Spanish Flu Spain. Not cool bro.

    Spain: But, but…

  2. Shit the US was ahead of the game and already had the Spanish Flu before they got shipped off to Europe.

  3. A surprise to be sure, but an unwelcome one

  4. A guy who was one of the pilots flew one of the most ferocious planes during the gulf war died from food poisoning.
    Your killstreak doesn’t give you immunity

  5. For a second I thought this was going to be Queen Elizabeth all over again.

  6. Ironic the Spanish flu killed you quicker if you were healthy and strong

  7. I’ll surprised the Spanish flu wasn’t talked about much

  8. Re-caption: me, normal people at a party.

    The stop sign is the entire tragedy of Darth Plagueis

    Also how do you spell that?

  9. On my mother’s side of the family. One familys with 4 brothers all died on WW2 (Finland’s winter war and continue war)

    Last one died only couple weeks after arriving home from war because of flu

  10. Those who love Spain so much and love to travel there, already have Spanish flu

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