14 thoughts on “It do be like that sometimes

  1. Every other country: Huh, what flu? Go on with your day, people. Nothing to see here.

    Spain: Hey guys, there’s this flu going around and-

    Every other country: OMG, thanks alot for the Spanish Flu Spain. Not cool bro.

    Spain: But, but…

  2. Shit the US was ahead of the game and already had the Spanish Flu before they got shipped off to Europe.

  3. A guy who was one of the pilots flew one of the most ferocious planes during the gulf war died from food poisoning.
    Your killstreak doesn’t give you immunity

  4. Re-caption: me, normal people at a party.

    The stop sign is the entire tragedy of Darth Plagueis

    Also how do you spell that?

  5. On my mother’s side of the family. One familys with 4 brothers all died on WW2 (Finland’s winter war and continue war)

    Last one died only couple weeks after arriving home from war because of flu

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