Very true

Historical Meme about Very true

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25 Comments on “Very true

  1. And good ole Switzerland, just being there, a damn tease

  2. But most importantly, he get beat bacc.

  3. For some reason it annoys me that the watermark of the top image is so clear while the rest of the text is illegibly blurry.

  4. >There is a bulge in our lines sir

    Hitler: *Attack*

  5. in a list of “neutral countries” we dont include Portugal, Ireland, Spain or Sweden. but we show the German’s alpine banker. Didnt even bother to put the German Steel Supply smh

  6. Anschluss my asshole and expand the lebensraum in my womb 😫😫

  7. he be bac
    he attac
    but most importantly,
    he be wac

  8. That’s an odd map, there was no Czechoslovakia during WWII.

  9. germany is just a lame brittian they attacked way more people.

  10. he attacc

    until he gets pushed bacc

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