Poland 1945

Historical Meme about Poland 1945

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49 Comments on “Poland 1945

  1. Poland: “We’re free!!!”

    USSR: “Easy now, let’s not get too crazy.”

  2. When Warsaw is several days from being liberated so the city rises in revolution against the Nazi’s… then the Soviet Union politely stops its advance so the revolution can be put down.

  3. Congratulations you have been liberated!

    Please do not resist comrade.

  4. Damn I am Russian and I’m fucking disgusted by my country’s way of acting, I don’t know how can everybody around is so proud.

  5. Read up on the Warsaw Uprising, people fought HARD to fight for their own liberation instead of pure Soviet control.

  6. Literally Hungary or any east-european country

  7. The meme works doubly well since, in the words of the first President of Haiti, “The Poles are the Negroes of Europe”

  8. I love the tiltle

    #tHe oNlY gIrL I’vE eVeR lOoOoOoOoVeD

  9. America and USSR: Fuck, we shouldn’t be doing that imperialism stuff anymore. The Nazis are the last straw.
    Also America and the USSR: Fuck, that country better not act out of the other’s interests. Let’s do some proxy wars!

  10. The fucking Soviets purposely ignored liberating Poland initially.

    Most Poles hate Russians

  11. They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  12. Works the other way round too, Western Russia 1941. “Being liberated from Stalin… By Hitler”


  14. They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  15. Lithuania got occupied by the soviets ,then later by the naziz then again by the Soviets all within 4 years.

  16. Leipzig 1945:

    Liberated by the Americans

    Find out you’re in the Soviet Zone.

  17. Out of the fire, into the liquid hydrogen.

  18. Poles: We’re free from the dictatorship!
    USSR: Actually yes but no

  19. Not in my hoi4 game where I made them fascist and together me Germany and fascist Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria beat up on the soviets + Mongolia and tanatuva and now the entire Soviet Union is German. Crazy world we live in

  20. Peter Parker or gru format would be more appropriate here I think

  21. Ukraine 1940: being liberated from the Soviets

    By the Nazis

    Ah man, eastern Europe just got massively dumped on in the past centuries

  22. I’m pretty sure you somehow used this format wrong. It just feels wrong…

    But I still upvoted

  23. + Stalin “We’ve come to save you!”
    + Poland “Hooray it’s the Soviet Union!”
    + Stalin “**FROM YOURSELVES!**”
    + Poland “Oh no, it’s the Soviet Union”

  24. the title would also be: every-european-country-on-east-from-germany 1945

  25. I’ve got a scrapbook made during the last few days of the war by an individual who at the time was in high school. In it, it has a newspaper clipping about one of the Soviet Unions top female sharp shooters.

    (and a few other interesting clippings.)

  26. Poland: No one could be as bad as those Nazis

    USSR: Hold my Vodka

  27. I snort laughed far too loud and far too long at this.

    Thank you. 🤣

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