41 thoughts on “Best of the best

  1. I do believe the emu’s are coming back for us. I feel as though they will disguise themselves as trees… And attack in the winter. Simply put, if I am correct, we are doomed.

  2. He’s not wrong though.. Nobody, like absolutely nobody, has won against the Emus in winter.

  3. when you comrads start falling and the snow starts speaking finish and making gunshot sounds.

  4. I miss when the mods cracked down on WW2 memes for like one week a little while ago, it actually created some diversity and I didn’t have to constantly question if there were nazi sympathizers on here lol.

  5. Not nearly enough Stalin apologia. At least the wehraboos have been more or less staying under their rocks recently.

  6. This is my favorite new meme template, a bunch of subs are coming out with their own versions, and they’re all great

  7. Yeah but what about that guy who tried to invade russian in winter ?

    What was his name again ?

  8. DiDJA KNo th…. thE FRENch were friGGAN COWardS!?!

    ‘*’glug glug ‘*’

    couldnta even beat tanks with horses ***snore***

  9. You’re not SrGrafo wtf

    You have tricked me into thinking it was a new comic.

    Why did you do this.

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