35 thoughts on “Ah, Temüjin

  1. Goddamn Mongorians! Tryna break down my shitty wall!

    Edit: thank you kind stranger that threw me some golden swag on a South Park reference! Much obliged!

  2. Wasnt the wall to slow down the mongol raiders on their way out rather than to stop them getting in?

  3. That wall was built by many different dynasties, mostly to stop normads from coming in and out and to ensure taxation of good through the ports of entry, the wall was not intended to stop an entire Mongolian invasion.
    * Runs away*

  4. If those two stayed there they’d be illegal immigrants. Guess it didn’t work after all.

  5. I get the point of the meme, but I would like to remind you people that between the building of the great wall, and the Mongol conquest,

    The Roman empire was born

    Christianity was created

    The Roman empire fell

    Islam was created

    The Visigoth Kingdoms rose to power in western Europe

    Charlemagne built the holy Roman Empire

    England was conquered by the Normans

    China saw around 11 dynasties rule over it


    Were talking a span of eleven hundred years between the construction of the great wall and the Mongol conquest. I think that thats pretty impressive personally.

  6. The wall was built to stop normads from crossing over, and to insure taxation of goods through the ports of entry, very little if the wall was built for defence, in other words, the wall was not built to stop an entire Fucking Mongolian invasion force. Plus, the wall Don’t mean shit if you are fighting yourself all the time.
    * Runs away*

  7. It’s people like those two that make everyone assume that all Trump supporters are retards.

  8. This is exactly why trumps wall won’t work, in fact it’s why the Berlin Wall didn’t work either, and it’s why the alphs didn’t stop Hannibal

  9. The wall wasn’t really “the great Wall” as we know it at the time of genghis khan. This meme would work better with Nurhaci who did actually have to bypass the Great Wall to invade China.

  10. Are they supporting the America/Mexico wall because China built one thousands of years ago?

  11. Guys, lets just declare Mexico a communist state, and then the US would have no issue taking in mexicans, *right?*

  12. Nope.

    1. The wall doesn’t surround the entire country.

    2. Song Dynasty was fighting internal wars, by the time mongols invaded, Song was already in the south, no where near the Great Wall. It was Jin occupying where the Great Wall was. Technically Mongols took out Jin, then southern Song.

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