This is illegal you know

Meme about This is illegal you know

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50 Comments on “This is illegal you know

  1. U forgot the 4 rails next to each other forming a circle

  2. I’m not a Minecraft player and never really got into it. What’s this mean?

  3. Actually quantum mechanics and science forbid this

  4. what the fuck did you just bring upon this cursed land?

  5. What if a child saw this!?! You belong in prison!

  6. Now innocent Minecraft players know what it’s like to be tempted by thoughts about illegal activity. So wonderful but so wrong.

  7. I’m having a mental crisis, is that what it looks like now??

  8. Looking at this my breathing and heart rate intensified

  9. You’ve heard of flat earth, get ready for Cubic earth

  10. imagine wandering around and finding that one circle cave how terrifying it would be.

  11. This makes me want to throw a flashbang into a room full of epileptic kids

  12. I actually wanted a game like minecraft but with that round cave

  13. I actually don’t get this meme. This is a first.

  14. Worst events in history

    |- Fall of Soviet union
    |- Holocaust
    |- Rape of Nanking
    |- USA
    |- The Black Death
    |- The crusades

  15. Stay right where you are I m calling the fucking police

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