This is Murica’

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50 Comments on “This is Murica’

  1. Actually no, I thought it was only the bacon and the gun.

  2. No no no! This is all wrong! Where’s the bald eagle??? Where’s the table cloth made of the American flag???

  3. “Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have… Wait. Wait…”

    “I’m worried what you just heard was give me a lot of bacon and eggs. What I said was give me all the bacon and eggs you have.”

    “Do you understand?

    -Ron Swanson

  4. Wait, you don’t eat your breakfast like that?
    That damn goose lied to me

  5. If I’m eating that much bacon it needs to be woven together

  6. That’s like 3 pieces too many on the bacon.

  7. Just missing a sugary cereal to make it a “complete breakfast”

  8. Yeah sure. 2 eggs? no american does that

  9. As an American I can say this 100% true

  10. If I lived in america I’d do this with a tiger tooth dessert eagle

  11. I use the gun as a spoon to scoop bacon in my mouth

  12. Where’s the bottle of mountain dew ?

  13. I thought they ate a hole pig then got their guns ready for school

  14. Then the father grabs the gun and goes to work leaving the food untouched

  15. I’m more concerned about the color of that coffee

  16. I actually think they also have an eagle somewhere in the background

  17. As an American I can definitely say that I don’t enjoy more than 2 pieces of bacon with my breakfast. Makes me feel sick if I have anymore than that.

  18. What do you mean imagine? This is a traditional breakfast just about everywhere?

  19. Ah yes, the american breakfast.
    A bite of toast,
    A bit of bacon,
    A little egg,
    A handgun to sit crying in the corner, biting on the barrel due to the existential dread and depression you face,

    A little coffee to top it off.

    Pure bliss.

  20. I eat my breakfast in a tank thats loaded into army chopper.

  21. I thought these are all usually stacked inside a humbuger

  22. How dare you use such offensive stereotypes against Americans! We always have AT LEAST 3 shotguns with us for breakfast! Handguns are only for afternoon snacks!

  23. I mean that’s the only proper way, the bacon just seems a little too crisp, like you won’t taste the meat as much

  24. You have no clue. We eat breakfast with a shotgun, pistol for lunch and rifle for dinner

  25. Wait… You guys don’t eat breakfast like this..?

  26. The only thing that looks appetizing enough to put in my mouth is the gun

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