23 thoughts on “Do not disrespect the og game

  1. The big servers kinda suck but if you play with some friends on your own server then its one of the most fun games ever

  2. I got sick of Minecraft because I literally got sick, every time I played for a few minutes I got nauseous and felt bad.

  3. I’ve never played Minecraft but after watching nieces nephews and friends play I just don’t get the hype around it

  4. Isn’t Dr. Phil a ‘psychologist’? Shouldn’t he know if they suffer a mental illness?

  5. Ok Minecraft isn’t a bad game… most people are just tired of it. Someone can at least agree with me on that.

    *realizes expressing opinions is an illegal act and will be arrested by the FBI soon*

  6. The best part about the game is the loading time. It’s not as horrendous as GTA 5’s loading time.

  7. Claimant: I feel like they owe me $4K for the moral damage
    Judge Judy: I don’t care how you feel, take your feelings to Dr Phil

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