Mmm, no.

Meme about Mmm, no.

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27 Comments on “Mmm, no.

  1. McDiabetes is what these dudes will be McGetting

  2. The language! Kiss your McMothers with those mouths?

  3. What the fuck did you just bring upon this cursed land?

  4. Now they’re not even trying to conceal their attempted muder!

  5. Looks like a Berliner/krapfen/or whatever they call it in your part lol. So nothing new. Ate this often as a kid even in sicily

  6. If that soft puffy pancake-like Mcbread then maybe.

  7. A Nutella burger sounds amazing as long as there is no meat and only pastry bread and nutella.

  8. it was time for mcThomas to go, he had mcseen everything

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