Rock Paper

Meme about Rock Paper

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37 Comments on “Rock Paper

  1. I don’t get it, can you send me a link to the video, just want to understand the meme, for research purposes of course.

  2. [merry christmas](

  3. Hello sir or madame, I am a member of the internet police. This meme is fine but I will have to inspect it thoroughly. A link or name of the video will be plenty enough thank you.

  4. Source for the rock and paper please? For research purposes only.

  5. I prefer 2D yuri than real life Yuri
    But ok

  6. For all you researchers its Twistys – Mom Adria Rae fucks step daughter Kendra Lust

  7. Maybe but that’s the exact name of the video

  8. Sauce on pornhub “twistys – Mom Adria Rae fucks step daughter Kendra Lusts”

  9. Decides not to f*p for the next week
    *Sees meme*
    Well, here we go again…

  10. The way she holds that spoon makes it all the more clear that she isn’t in the culinary business…



  11. I was so confused, i though the left one was rock and the right one paper

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