42 thoughts on “I feel like a lot of us can relate

  1. “You‘ll learn this in college“

    “You should remember this from high school“

    Fuck me amirite

  2. Yeah, I had a rough time at the beginning at the year. I did not understand anything in Algebra II this year and every time I asked for help said, you should have learned this in middle school, but the only thing middle school math taught me was how to solve x-6=21 so don’t be mad that I don’t know what the quadratic formula is used for.

  3. I mean yeah this happens, but the opposite happens way more often. People never showing up to lecture or doing homework and then coming at diligent students like “What’d I miss? Can I look at your notes?”

  4. C++ Online Teacher: “I won’t teach you anything. Just read from the book.”

    During the exam: *does things by the book*

    Teacher: “Well your way is correct but this is not How >>>I<<<< would do it. 0 Points!”


  5. promises a bright future

    results in huge debt

    greatest scam alive

    and yet it’s LEGAL…

  6. Teacher: *do a very poor job of explaining a subject*

    Students: *decided to ignore the teacher and try their best to fathom the lesson themselves*

    Teacher: Are you guys not listening? Fine! Kenny! Get up and answer this 6 consecutive questions because I am mad of all of you but prefer taking it out on one particular student.

    For the record, it is not always like this. I have learned with some absolutely amazing teachers. It is just that sometimes they can be very unreasonable thinking that because they were, at one point, students means that they know the “only” way to learn.

  7. Just true… Entire school is useless… We can learn that in home even faster using Internet 😀

  8. I had a Precalculus 2 teacher, who I’m sure is very nice. But she had a THICK Ukrainian accent and she would mumble at the board. I just transferred out of the class but I wonder how the other classmates managed.

  9. I need to learn three more subjects that my teacher’s didn’t teach me! High school is great

  10. I had a newly hired Spanish teacher for Spanish 1 in college who stared the class by saying “I’m not teaching you grammar it’s in the book”

  11. Same here, but I also pulled most of my class with me through middle-school. Imagine your maths teacher just falls asleep 5 minutes in, everybody finishes playing cards for money, and then I go to the front and start doing the job our teacher should’ve, while also explaining everyone individually how to actually do the task. He was (and probably still is) the worst math teacher I ever had.

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