Ouch that’s gotta sting

Meme about Ouch that's gotta sting

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50 Comments on “Ouch that’s gotta sting

  1. OBVIOUSLY she means that she can exist outside and inside

  2. nah take of picture of everything and put it their twitter


  3. I genuinely don’t get why thots do posts like that, its like, what are you trying to prove exactly? That you have different sets of clothes for different occasions? So does everyone else.

  4. Drive and cook? I’d hope most people can…

  5. Her thighs look yummy…

    …I’m already leaving…

  6. DAMMMM SHE CAN STAND INSIDE AND OUTSIDE?!?!? That’s my dream right there 😍😍

  7. Perhaps the left photo / right photo represents the idea as the song says “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…”

    Because on the left she’s in work clothing and on the right she’s in the kitchen? I have no idea what this means and I’m wildly guessing.

  8. She just put on a dress, raised her chin, and went inside there is no difference im cackling

  9. Chookie and chuckie…you just have to use imagination, or break the code…! -:)

  10. She’s not in the kitchen in the first picture what the fuck

  11. Be a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed

  12. Nah she can fuck you in the drive way and in the kitchen.

  13. Cook and….drive? IDK, what the fuck is she holding in the left pic?

  14. Does anyone else notice that she seems fatter in the second picture? 🤔

  15. Get you a girl that can change her clothes and her environs.

  16. Change clothes? Yeah, i sure hope she does!

  17. What does it say when you know she’s from El Paso with this kinda shit

  18. What eat all my food?

    The knees could use a bit of toning. A little chunky for my taste.

  19. Make 30k a year as a nurse and Thot around to afford a nice ass car and house.

  20. I never understood these. Are folks that are doing this (making these get ya a girl/boy thing) advertising for themselves or is it vanity?

  21. Are we all gonna just ignore what she has in her hands on the left?

  22. Do both??? I only see a dishwasher in both photos.

  23. No a girl That can crash your car and Cook your Shit meals

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