Oh, the irony

Meme about Oh, the irony

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49 Comments on “Oh, the irony

  1. The bigger question is, why you’re bothered by the opinion of worthless people

  2. Is this a sully toy from circa 2006 happy meals?

  3. Bold of you to assume that reddit users had any relationship

  4. Hmm, what happened to giving the other guy a blowjob?

  5. considering i did cheat on her; it makes sense

  6. For real. She broke up with me on my birthday. Who does that? Here’s an upvote

  7. Happy cake day also I replaced the candels on the cake with you upvotes here you go

  8. Yeah definitely can relate,i have plenty of girlfriends

  9. Dear lord I remember getting that toy in a happy meal

  10. Why do you fucks even have your exes on your social media accounts? Purge them from everything, move on.

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