30 thoughts on “10 year challenge

  1. Memes have really evolved into an abstract art if you think about it. Our humor has gotten really weird, like that meme is so stupid and meaningless and yet I find it funny

  2. Philosoraptor, Advice Dog, and Bachelor Frog. Truly was a simpler time for memes back then.

  3. The good old days of Rage Comics when you didn’t get 10.0k upvotes for talking about your depression.

  4. In 2009 a meme meant something completely different.

    But normies lurking 4chins mixed it up per usual and it became the norm for basically words on a picture.

  5. Pretty much the same style of humor, because the same aged people are making them. It’s not memes today aren’t dad jokes, and it’s not like things like the Rubb Roll were any less abstract than stuff today.

  6. Memes used to be bound by templates now it is basically one ability to use text and images to optimize humour

  7. I miss the simpler times of Longcat & the ridiculous 12000 pixel tall image of him I used to send friends to destroy their shitty internet.

  8. From somewhat corny jokes and inspirational kids at the beach to yeet and peta, memes have truly changed wether we like it or not, memes are fuckin funny

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