there is a 69420 in pi

Meme about there is a 69420 in pi

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50 Comments on “there is a 69420 in pi

  1. There is every combination of every number in pi

  2. And there is also 6942042069696969420420420 somewhere in it.

  3. the number “69420” appears 69420 times in π

  4. There is also a 696969696969420420420420420420

  5. For all we know, there could be a 420691337666 in there

  6. If pi is truely unlimited, that means it would also eventually repeat itself

  7. Somewhere in pi, the entire bee movie script is written out in binary

  8. technically… 69420 appears 66 times in the first 10million characters of pi alone 😉



  10. From 701-704 and 994-997 are 420 as well


  12. Underneath this meme for me was a meme saying that in pi there must be a 69420

  13. ELI5: What’s the significance of this number anyway?

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