All progress is lost…

Meme about All progress is lost...

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42 Comments on “All progress is lost…

  1. How about using a third party Reddit app? Reddit is fun gang

  2. The ONE thing reddit could take from Tumblr is that “recovery” arrow, damnit.

  3. Crying just thinking about it about to happen to me

  4. Legit just happened and this was the meme it went to

  5. The one thing tumblr did right was replace the home button with a back down button for when this happens.

  6. installing reddit is fun instead of using the official app saved me from this many times

    don’t use the official app

  7. Time is non existent when using reddit i did it on purpose

  8. I don’t think I understand this one. Do not most browsers and phones have a back button?

  9. I watch posts from the comments section
    Joke on you

  10. When you make a meme but doesn’t have enough karma to post

    [internal screaming]

  11. When you have no home button because your phone isn’t over five years old

  12. I did that on this post and scrolled back down to it so I could upvote

  13. How do you accidentally hit the home button tf

  14. You refresh to see if there’s new memes and if not, you aggressively scroll to ur place

  15. *I’m sorry, is this some sort of peasant joke that I’m too rich to understand?*

  16. This is definitely me when this shit happens 😳
    ~Lele 🅱️ons

  17. That’s why they started making phones with no home button

  18. I just fkn did it had to scroll down for half an hour to get back 😔 😂

  19. Imagine having a home button

    iPhone XR hang out here

  20. I wasn’t upvoted then I accidently touched home button.

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