It really do be like that

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28 Comments on “It really do be like that

  1. I can’t tell if she’s serious or just making shit up on the whim.

  2. I know that the dragon from erragon was actually purple. Apparently Christopher Paolini is slightly color blind and he thought it was a certain shade of blue that he quite enjoyed. Turns out it’s purple.

  3. J.K Rowling is a hypocritical virtue signalling piece of shit.

  4. I know this is a meme but didn’t she actually try to claim Hermione was black or did my brain make that up?

  5. JK Rowling is trying way too damn hard. Just shut the fuck up and enjoy your money.

  6. There are no amount of words to describe how happy that picture makes me…

  7. He has the pass so he wouldn’t say motherfucker.

  8. For now on, just don’t describe your characters in any way and force the reader to completely imagine them from scratch. Don’t mention gender, age, race, hair color, height, ANYTHING. So that you can just come up with whatever bs you want later on. “Yea, Harry is actually a girl. And she’s a lesbian. Suck it nerds”

  9. if you watch the series again through it’s pretty obvious

  10. I’m confused. Why didn’t she release all this info way back when? Is she trying to stay relevant, because I hope she knows she doesn’t need to. We know who she is. We still idolize her!

  11. Times like this make me remember how few black people use this site

  12. Hahahahahaha this fucking made me LOL

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