Well that does it

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50 Comments on “Well that does it

  1. Like Drax the Destroyer said. “This is a man.”

  2. He didnt do it for some record, oaky, he did it because he was thirsty,

  3. Ya’ll really can’t grasp the fact that New Zealand and Australia are two different places huh

  4. Article for anyone interested: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/28/doctor-fights-shark-stitches-up-leg

  5. I swear New Zealanders and Australians don’t feel pain. At least not the degree of normal humans.

  6. New Zealand is the florida of the rest of the world

  7. New Zealand is the Florida of Australia if the rest of America was Texas.

  8. Hard cut to me freaking out and almost crying cuz I thought I saw a spider

  9. Damn, who knew Jeff Glor was such a bad maf’k!?

  10. It’s like Adam Sandler fucked Trump and had a baby

  11. Just a dude livin in the moment. Not a cape in sight.

  12. I found Adam Sandler and Seth MacFarlan’s love child

  13. Him and the guy who beat a cougar to death need to start a gang.

  14. What kind of shark did he fight tho? Is it Great White Shark or just a Mako Shark? Let me know.

  15. zero people shouldn’t have a hero


  16. Well, if there’s any day you need a drink, the day you get chewed up by a shark is damn sure it!

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