Welcome to the future

Meme about Welcome to the future

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32 Comments on “Welcome to the future

  1. This meme is from back in the day when I used iFunny

  2. This is so old that I’ve seen it on Snapchat 😄

  3. How can you throw a phone at him if you’re knocked out? HMMMMMMMMMM

  4. But still that Nokia is denser than a neutron star.

  5. That’s why I won’t use any phone but a Samsung for self defense

  6. When you put your grandfather in a MAX 8 and it crashes

  7. Old yet it still kinda holds up for today’s standard

  8. Jokes on you, he’ll still have a working phone afterwards

  9. Broooo that meme y actually from Mexico like a year ago

  10. I have a friend who works at a best buy and sells phones who says sometimes people still come in with note 7’s and are really hard to convince to get rid of them

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