Sorry I cheated on you lol xD I’m a Scorpio , it’s what we do

Meme about Sorry I cheated on you lol xD I’m a Scorpio , it’s what we do

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37 Comments on “Sorry I cheated on you lol xD I’m a Scorpio , it’s what we do

  1. But I’m such a Caprisun I need to always be a dick to everyone, it’s just our thing

  2. I legit do not understand how anyone with adult intelligence can believe in astrology

  3. On behalf of most Scorpios, no the fuck we don’t


    *Ahem* and also, horroscopes are dumb.

  5. I’m a scorpio. does that mean i need to cheat??? i didnt even know that was a thing. i guess ill tell my gf

  6. I don’t know my horoscope shop I can br whatever I want muahahaha

  7. That’s exactly what a fucking Pisces would say.

  8. Someone’s a little butt hurt. That’s what you get for dating a Scorpio /s

    As a Scorpio, I have to say…. we are human beings. We cheat just as much as the Leo, Taurus and Cancer hoes.

  9. I’m a cancer. I have no idea wtf that means.

  10. How do people still believe this stuff? It’s like anti-vaxxers, banes of society

  11. Im a Gemini and I’ve always been smart and a good talker. That’s Gemini’s whole thing, is social communication, rationality and intelligence. I just like to believe in zodiac signs because their fun to me. It’s like you get a chance to know someone before you even know them but then again they might not be real and that lowkey breaks ma heart, chief

    Also I would super-duper, quadruple x quintuple appreciate if this doesn’t go on r/NobodyAsked or r/iamversmart

  12. And that’s a fact.
    *Capricorn society approves*

  13. This one feels like it hits home, you ok there op?

  14. Except Scorpios are loyal af as far as the signs go.

  15. 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

  16. The fact that many people still believe in astrology bullshit is evidence for humanity’s irrationality by nature.

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