Is 🍰 day still relevant?

Meme about Is 🍰 day still relevant?

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34 Comments on “Is 🍰 day still relevant?

  1. That’s all you had to say. Have my upvote, stranger

  2. You get a humpback upvote, and you get a humpback upvote! EVERYONE GETS HUMPBACK UPVOTES!!!

  3. Aaaaaaaaand ya got me, just take my upvote already. hcd

  4. your cake day is a yearly reminder of a mass shooting.

  5. Sh*t knegro, you could just post nothing and I’ll still upvote

  6. I wish you the happiest of happy cake day 🎁(here’s an upvote as your present)

  7. You may have my upvote, mysterious motherfucker.

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