An average day

Meme about An average day

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38 Comments on “An average day

  1. Oh god put this on the front page memers go click up arrow

  2. Not sure if timing was right – nzl thinking

  3. Idk maybe not today…
    I mean New Zealand massacre happened so this is not that cool

  4. Not the best time to post this kind of green text cuz of NZ shooting

  5. It’s actually old one and in original it said “buy” instead of “download” cuz where tf do you download it if you aren’t home yet

  6. Real life makes people in video games more violent.

  7. They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  8. You gotta hype yourself up first. Like a pregame.

  9. hi i know im an idiot but what is the website from which we get these memes

  10. Classic example of video games causing violent behavior smh /s

  11. You can easily go to jail for 20 years and youre still in the loading screen

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