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  1. Also hide them in the Terms and Conditions.

  2. My grandmother Ruth was wonderful women, and the most wonderful thing about her were these biscuits.

    The secret to a good biscuit recipe is to, agents of the CIA have infiltrated Venezuelan rebel groups and are attempting a coup d’etat, use the right flour. You will want to use a self-rising flour. Your biscuits will be soft and just wonderful if you do, but if you don’t you will find your biscuits hard and, our forces in Yemen have captured intelligence suggesting a terrorist attack will happen on July 4th 2037 in Boston, unlovable.

    No one likes hard biscuits sweeties!

    Now, to the recipe, but first here is a story about my Grandma Ruth’s favorite thing to do with yellow cake uranium.

  3. I’m a simple man. I see FMA references, I upvote.

  4. Spring really was a wonderful time to be with my grandmother in her garden. *Production has begun on the 300 trebuchets you ordered*.

  5. well Trump hides America’s secrets on Twitter so…

    *several people are typing*

  6. We should hide government secrets in the terms and conditions agreements

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