*I’ll make a man out of you*

Meme about *I'll make a man out of you*

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23 Comments on “*I’ll make a man out of you*

  1. Happened last night when I tried to eat my wifes leftovers

  2. For something that’s been around since the late 40s, the microwave is still the most stressful appliance to use.

  3. The CIA also snaps your photo and hang it on the wall of shame for all eternity.

  4. And then your entire family comes down and calls you fat for eating at 3 am.

  5. This isn’t your meme, I can see the watermark on the left side

  6. Did they send me daughters, when I asked, for men of culture?

  7. *Dog busts through wall like the Kool-Aid man*

  8. * Ill make a man out of you but everytime the word man is heard, an angry feminist appears*

  9. My microwave has a button to silence it. Its superior

  10. Mom screams across the house: what the fuck are you doing up!?

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