A trane?

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32 Comments on “A trane?

  1. This is a detachable fuselage; it can be disconnected if the engines fail or wings are damaged. It deploys parachutes so the stupid fat fucking passengers can land safely.

  2. Imagine flying in that beast then all of a sudden the entire bottom passenger portion falls out from the wings and everyone died

  3. Dude what if they made a train that floats on water and can move on water?

  4. [Russia made something like that years ago](http://englishrussia.com/images/soviet_turbo_jet_train/1.jpg)

  5. What’s next? A train without tracks? Oh, wait…

  6. It’s amazing what modern technology has made

  7. Is this how they get around the Green New Deal? Banning planes to support high-speed rail trains, so we made a high-speed, railless air-train

  8. With the safety of trains not being that great, I’m sure making them fly would make them safer.

  9. They’ll just eject the train because we’re gas and so therefore we are hypothetically a nuke. I used hypothetically even though I don’t know what it means

  10. So there’s a train plane in the sky, so is there a plane train on the ground?

  11. I saw a wingless plane rolling down some tracks the other day.

  12. I think the plane is just dragging the train car so its like a tractor trailer sort of

  13. Well that just sounds like an airplane with extra steps!

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