Is ThE tWeEt ReAl ThOuGh?

Meme about Is ThE tWeEt ReAl ThOuGh?

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30 Comments on “Is ThE tWeEt ReAl ThOuGh?

  1. The question is D O E S H E S O R T B Y N E W

  2. There is only one way, hey you scrolling in the comments!!! Do you see a drowning deer or a broken dolphin? Answer wisely….

  3. So, I’m guessing you use internet explorer, considering this happened over half year ago.

  4. Plot twist u/Gallowboob is actually Elon Musk

  5. Yo sorry if this is unrelated but where is Pewd’s sub?

  6. He could be me. (He’s not though trust me)

  7. or he could have brought reddit a long time ago but kept it a secret so basically he is the owner of reddit

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