fuck buzzfeed

Meme about fuck buzzfeed

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29 Comments on “fuck buzzfeed

  1. Nobody:

    Buzzfeed quizzes: what type of potato are you?

  2. Gordon Ramsey spraying lemon and lime juice on the wings was one of the best moments in Hot Ones history.

    Disclaimer: I haven’t seen *too* many Hot Ones episodes.

  3. Don’t know about y’all, but even the teenagers and adult’s here in their 20’s believe in the horseshit that buzzfeed spreads.

  4. Not to mention most of the people that work at Buzzfeed seem like real jackasses if you ever knew them IRL. Bet they like the smell of their own farts.

  5. Middle aged white moms? The only buzzfeed fans I know are in their 20’s

  6. Wait why is that shop so good, it’s so clean

  7. “Disney Princesses as Lukewarm Bowls of Water” is an actual Buzzfeed article

  8. BuzzFeed had like a select few really good news articles. One on the Ukraine war was one or my favorites. However the massive amount of shit from them just ruins the few good journalist articles they have.

  9. I may have missed something because I don’t care at all about buzzfeed (though I did like the Try Guys). Did something happen?

  10. Nobody:

    buzzfeed quizzes: what kind of school shooter are based on your favorite roblox games

  11. My mom not white so she only falls for half the lies

  12. Finally some good fucking *fake news to spread all over facebook*

  13. The post right above this is mocking an article about protesting to have the right to not vaccinate and the picture of the article was about 95% white women.

  14. Can’t forget all of the liberal college girls too

  15. Nobody:

    Buzzfeed Quizzes: what essential oil does your child need?

  16. Buzzfeed has become a reputable source of information

  17. You could substitute the white moms part with CNN and most of the mainstream media.

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