You don’t mess with Jim Carrey

Meme about You don't mess with Jim Carrey

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31 Comments on “You don’t mess with Jim Carrey

  1. Well there’s always gonna be someone who dislikes me…

    Oh well! Time to give myself a panic attack by “falling to my death” in bed!

  2. No Lloyd. You kiss mine. Both lips. Both cheeks. Right here.

  3. If you want my comeback, scrape it off your mom’s teeth- Jimmy Carr

  4. Imagine just randomly tweeting and fucking Jim Carry responds to you with this

  5. lol That’s exactly how I feel about how Jim Carrey regards my gun toting, vaccinated ass.

  6. Challenge: Think of a wittier answer to the question than Carrey and GOOD LUCK

  7. Knowing that there are some people in the world that do not like you? A lot of people already accept that many others probably dont like them. Bit of a weird way to even phrase it

  8. jim carrey is a cuck. just letting you guys know.

  9. Carey gave his girlfriend stds and then pills. She later died of an overdose.

  10. i figure, if someone doesnt like me, thats their problem, not mine, as long as i try my best to be the best version of myself.

  11. anyone else started to sing dont mess around with jim

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